Announcement of transfer items


Thank you for supporting ROW. 

We have planned to keep the U.S Server open.

Therefore, we have promoted the Origin Server, and we have decided to move to a better server.

However, many users suggested us to combine with the global (Asia) rowplayon Server. 
The reason is that there are not many U.S users on the Origin server.

Before we start, from this moment the Origin server will be disabled from November. 23. 19:00PM. 2020.

We would like to transfer items to Global ( and play the game on the Asia server.

*Please contact GM Matt through Discord or send an email to for details.

There is a lot of work and process and this will take a long time.

The reason is that simply moving equipment takes a lot of time.

But we have been thinking a lot based on the information/ suggestions from users. 

We would like to transfer users on the U.S server under certain conditions.

ex.) In the case of users who charged point, we can move major items and the remaining points.

ex.) In the case of users of non-charged points, only major items will be transferred.

If there are any complaints or against the transfer, we will continue to operate the Origin in the new server. 

Thank you 

Best Regard/ ROW Team